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Cross-cultural friendship

2019-11-07     Source: @Sinopec|Facebook

Ghafaranwar(L) and SUN Jian (R)

What is the best way to get along with foreign colleagues? Here we get answers from people working at an overseas project of Sinopec!

As the first foreign security officer at the Kuwait Engineering project of Sinopec Tenth Construction Company, Ghafaranwar, a Pakistani has been working here for 12 years. “Working at Sinopec gives me a chance to only learn more about the company, but also different cultures. At Sinopec,what impressed me is that managers and workers are treated equally, and all my Chinese colleagues are diligent, studious and united.”

"Here in our department, there are only a few staff members who can speak Arabic Hindi and Urdu. Ghafaranwar is one of them! He is our part-time translator and has excellent communication skills and a great sense of humour. I also admire his work attitude and spirit on the project!” His good friend and Chinese colleague SUN Jian says.

Despite differences in nationality or even culture, they have learned many things from each other. Maybe this is also why the friendships could are long-lasting here at this overseas project.



天游娱乐重庆时时彩  “作为项目部为数不多同时懂得阿拉伯语、印地语和巴基斯坦语的人,噶发是我们的兼职翻译。天游娱乐重庆时时彩他幽默风趣的交流,简直是把沟通做成了艺术。我也时常敬佩他为工程着想、为天游娱乐重庆时时彩_快三线上app—主页-石化服务的工作态度和精神。”他最熟悉的工作伙伴天游娱乐重庆时时彩_快三线上app—主页-国人孙健这样评价他。





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